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Youtube Make a New Features That seems very similar to Twitch, What is it?

Recently Youtube Introduce us a New Features for their Creators, That features will be useful for creators to handle the Demonetization Problem and give them another way to make Money. there is one Feature that seems to be weird, this new Feature seems to be similar to Twitch Features. So I Have a thought, does Youtube plagiarism Twitch feature?

As I quote from polygon, Finally Youtube released a new way for content creators to monetize their videos. One of them is a US$4.99 Channel Membership that given to subscribers so they can access some exclusive content. Something like Subscriber Badges and Special Emojis that special member can use. The problem is, Those features already exist on Twitch for a long time.

Youtube didn’t want to Acknowledge that, They Just wanna talk About the Benefit

Youtube Demotization

We all can agree that undoubtedly, This new feature of Youtube is very similar to what Twitch already have. But Youtube’s Senior Director of Product Management – Rohit Dhawan really didn’t wanna acknowledge that. When the Media ask about this similar features, this is what he answers:

“We really spent a lot of times with creators,” Dhawan said. “These last two years, it’s been a ton of conversations with small and large creators. All my inspiration is going to come from what they have said, they would like this product to kind of be. The thing that I think that makes us distinct is how incredibly customizable this is. The perks that the creator comes up with is a blank slate. We just listened to our creators and viewers, and this is what they thought would actually help them the most. That’s really where the inspirations come from.”

In other words, Rohit Dhawan only wanna talk the good thing about this feature. Well, Actually I Like this feature too. As he said, indeed this Paid membership features will bring more benefits for the creators who only depend on Google Adsense Program.

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Unfortunately, this feature will not be available to all Youtube creators

Youtube Gaming Program

I had expected this, the Youtube channel Membership feature will not be available to all creators. Only those who have more than 100,000 subscribers can use it. So those who have not reached the number of subscribers can only be patient for a while, I guess. but don’t lose hope, maybe Youtube will lower those set of rules.

Indeed, this feature is similar to one that already on twitch. Creators get new opportunities through Channel membership, while the Member gets a special badge and is entitled to use a unique emoji for 4.99 dollars subscribe plan. Based on the press release, The Subscribers also get a members-only post in the Community Tab and access to custom content or perks offered by Creators, something like special shoutout or some extra content. In my opinion,  The only exciting different is Youtube only charge 30% of your every revenue while Twitch takes 50% of what you get.

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