Why Mangaka Need Assistant

Why Mangaka Desperately Needs An Asistant? Here’s Why!

Mangaka is a person who makes a miracle happened in the manga world. Mangaka is regarded as the only one who draws manga and does everything alone.

But, mangaka also realized that he doesn’t the only one who to be responsible for the series. Generally, mangaka gets help from his assistant. So what assistant mangaka do? And why listen so important in manga world?

Help reduce mangaka work

Popular series like One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul or Black Clover have famous mangaka to compile the work to be funny manga which we read. For your information, manga creator doesn’t just put the pen in the paper dan drawing.

Manga is the proses which must have up to 100 people to do and realize it. Mangaka assistant goes and helps their boss with some tasks. Such as repaired the picture, draw any item in the scene and even added the effect.

We don’t say mangaka depends on their assistant, but they often need some help to reduce their work. Making the manga is difficult, but mangaka assistant can do an easier job.

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