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What do Movie Ratings Mean and who Responsible to Apply Them?

We usually look R-rated or PG-13 or when we want to watch the movie. Each movie will get a rating. Movie rating is most important for the parent who wants to enjoy a movie with their child. But, do you know to group it? And who give that rating for the movie?

Movie rating determined by the Assessment Board called Classification and Rating Administration (CARA). This board is part of Motion Picture Association of America, composed of 10 Р13 adults watching, discussing and determining that film with ratings.

Here’s a list of rating types in movie

1. G Rating

The movie with G rating means for General Audiences, all age. According to MPAA, G rating will give to a movie which has no elements like no sexuality and nudity, use drugs, realistic / not violent cartoon.

2. PG Rating

A movie with PG rating intended for Parental Guidance, children should be with parents when watching the movie. This movie may be included cursing words and a little bit of violence, but not use drugs.

3. PG-13 Rating

A movie with PG-13 rating intended for Parental Guidance-13, need attention from parents because the content does match for children under 13 years old. The movie with this rating should not contain elements: nudity non-sexual, a little bit of cursing words, don’t use word F*CK in the sexual context. Violence in PG-13 movie not bloody like mostly superhero movie Marvel or DC.

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4. R Rating

A movie with R rating intended for Restricted. No one person under the age of 17 can watch this movie except under the supervision of parents or guardians. This rating will give to a movie with lots cursing words and violence, nudity in a sexual context and drug abuse.

5. NC-17 Rating

A movie with NC-17 intended to No One 17 and Under Admitted. The movie contains content only for adult audiences. The rating based on violence, sexuality, deviant behavior, drug abuse or other elements which make parents consider for eligibility limit to be seen by the child.

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