Marvel Explain Power Of Soul Stone

Marvel Finally Explain the Power of Soul Stone

Marvel Studios finally revealed what Soul Stone can do in new feature Avengers: Infinity War. The video may be one of plus feature when Infinity War Blu-ray release described each stone.

You can watch the video below!

Space Stone can do traveling across any dimension, while Time Stone can change the future and the past.
Reality Stone allows the user to deflect reality according to their will, Power Stone can destroy whatever object the user wants.

Mind Stone can create and change mind dan finally Soul Stone can be controlling the life and the death.

Previously, Infinity War doesn’t explain what the power of Soul Stone. But, if that really can control life and death, so, in theory, will be made to revive people which killed by Thanos in the Infinity War.

If we look at the comic, half of the universe populations who be ashes actually trapped in Soul Stone world. It’s maybe why we saw kid Gamora in Soul Stone at the end.

You can see that when Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray version release with many added feature.

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