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Solidiance And Go-Jek Testing Electric Motorcycle In Jakarta

Solidiance, a management consulting company in Indonesia establish cooperation with Go-Jek to bring a eco-friendly transportation. Now, they are testing an electric motorcycle in Jakarta. It was done to know the operational feasibility of electric motor in Indonesia.  It will be implemented on 14 – 21 July 2018.

Solidiance Tells That Indonesia Should Switch To Electric Motorcycle

Gervasius Samosir, Associate Partner, and Country Head Solidiance said that Indonesia should change to an electric motor immediately. Fossil fuels give a bad impact on the environment due to producing the CO2. In addition, the fossil fuel couldn’t renew which requires us to look for a substitute energy.

Currently, Indonesia has 3000 electric motorcycles and 1000 electric cars based on Solidiance’s data. The Government of Indonesia is targeting 2.1 million units of electric motorcycles in the year 2025.

While Go-Jek plans to use electric motorcycles for their driver. Go-Jek tried to test the durability of the electric motor. Go-Jek shared 10 electric motorcycles Viar Q1  for the selected driver in Jakarta.

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